Black Clover: Fuegoleon Makes an Epic Return

      As an anime fiend, I am always scrolling through the selection on Crunchyroll, and picking out new anime. However, as a reader of the manga for Black Clover, I was so excited to find that the world filled with grimoires and magic was being created into animation. As a manga reader, I’ll try hard not to spoil for the people who may only watch the anime. However, I really NEED to talk about episode 98 titled, “THE SLEEPING LION”. An obvious references to Fuegoleon Vermillion’s long awaited return to the series after being ambushed and tricked by the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

     If you have not watched the new episode which aired in Japan maybe less than a few hours ago, be warned, there are spoilers in this post. That being said, let’s get right into it.

      A lot of amazing stuff happened this episode. The series is really starting to pick up, so it is also important to noticed some details that might be small now, but will be important later. I decided to put what seemed to be the three most important events to me in a list to make it a little easier.

1. Fuegoleon Awakens!

      As one can probably tell by the title of the new episode, it is no surprise that the good ole’ captain of the Lion King finally awakes along with a new arm made of fire, saving his Leo and his fellow comrades.

Fuegoleon returns. An awesome art piece by Korai on Tumblr.

      Even though he has just awoken, and many think that he might be frail at this time, it is the exact opposite. He is probably the most powerful he has ever been. He gained a the companionship of the fire spirit, Salamander!

Salamander emerges with Fuegoleon. Another awesome art piece by An awesome art piece by Korai on Tumblr.

       This an amazing development in the series, and for those of you who read the manga, this is only the beginning of Fuegoleon helping out in the battle against the reincarnated elves.

2. Leo Awakens Something…?

Gif of Leopold Vermillion from DemiGodxTonio on Tumblr.

      Fuegoleon is not the only person who activates a new power. While Leo and the other Magic Knights battle their vice captain who’s body was taken over for an elf’s reincarnation, Leo seemed to have awakened Mana Zone or maybe even the possibility to use Ki (you decide). However, Leo is pushed to his limit, and he can’t seem to activate it except for a quick dodge of an air spell.

3. Finral also Awakens!

      There seems to be a theme of awakenings in this episode, so sorry for the repeated use of the word. Yami also forces Finral to wake up, going to his bedside and, quite literally, knocking him out of bed right before the episode ends. However before the episode draws to a conclusion, Finral has a new found determination to save his brother, Langris, even after he almost killed him in the Royal Knights selection process.

      Finral is one of my favorite characters, so I’m glad that we’re going to be seeing more of him in the anime series. I love my sweet kind hearted boy.

      Although I only went over three events in the episode, is there something important that I missed? What do you think was the most important? What are you excited for in the series? For manga readers, what are you the most excited to see on screen? Let me know your thoughts!

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